Arcana Fashion Boutique - Case Study | Kicksta

Arcana Fashion Boutique - Case Study | Kicksta

Arcana started with a profound thought—the fashion industry needs healing. Founder, Arianna Reagan, didn’t want to participate in the global waste, artisan exploitation and body-shaming that goes on in much of the fashion world.

Design was her passion, but she was only going to pursue it on her terms. So, she created her own company that uses environmentally-friendly textiles, supports indigenous artisans, and helps women feel good about what they’re buying and wearing.

Making an impact through Instagram

Instagram has been a vital outlet for Reagan to amplify her unique story and form authentic relationships. She credits the platform’s ability to break language barriers and connect people from all over the world through imagery.

“Instagram is a platform through which we can all inspire one another, support one another, and build meaningful networks in our industries and adjacencies.”

While Reagan was showing her first collection at MARKET, we reached out to her in an effort to help spread her message.

“Kicksta has enabled me to create a global network of like-minded people in the fashion and adjacent industries. I have connected with environmentalists and painters, students and musicians, store owners and customers looking for exactly what I'm selling.”

Continues Reagan, “I gained most of my stockists through the network Kicksta helped me form … Kicksta has created a network for my business that lets the right people know I'm here when they otherwise would have never heard of my company.

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A world of #UGC

Thanks to Arcana’s new Instagram popularity, a Korean artist was exposed to the brand when she got a notification that Arcana had liked her photo. The artist loved what they saw and decided to illustrate one of the images from Arcana’s Instagram.

This started what is now a seasonal contest called “Draw Arcana.” Artists from around the world interpret the brand’s collections to connect through art—transcending language and distance barriers. Arcana now has a infinite supply of high quality user generated content (#UGC) that she can use at her disposable while supporting artists worldwide.

"Arcana’s method to success on Instagram is simple: “Show material that moves you. Be authentic in what you publish. The thing that stirs you will inevitably stir the hearts of others.”

“I started with Kicksta in October of 2018 and grew my base from 2500 to 10.5K in just 2 months"

Kristi Eide, Influencer

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