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Using Kicksta’s Free Instagram Hashtag Generator is one of the easiest ways to increase your brand’s reach on the platform!

Hashtags improve your discoverability on Instagram and bring new followers to your posts. They’re a great way to get your brand’s voice heard on trending topics. Plus, you can use hashtags to promote a new product, build your brand identity, and increase engagement with your Instagram audience.

But figuring out exactly which hashtags to use is a pain. It takes a lot of time, and that’s time that you could spend tackling the rest of your to-do list. And, some days, you’re just not feeling very creative.

That’s where Kicksta’s Free Instagram Hashtag Generator can help you out! Whether you’re looking for trending hashtags, unique hashtags, or ideal hashtags for your industry, this free tool will find the best options for you.

Top 3 Benefits Of Using Instagram Hashtags

Kicksta’s Free Instagram Hashtag Generator gives you exactly the hashtags you need to improve your presence on the platform. How can hashtags make your brand more successful on Instagram? They work in three ways:

1. Hashtags Increase Impressions

Your brand can’t be successful on Instagram unless people are seeing your posts. Enter Instagram hashtags! The right hashtags can help increase the number of impressions you get on each post.

One way this happens is through the search function on Instagram. Users can type in hashtags just like they’d type in search terms on Google. If you use hashtags to your advantage, your posts will pop up for people who are looking for exactly your type of content. They’ll click through, come to your post, and see what your brand is all about.

A similar thing happens when users click on a hashtag in a post. They may see a post on their feed with a hashtag that interests them, but they want to see more content like that. When they click on the hashtag, they’ll be able to see your hashtagged content too.

If you pick the right hashtags from the hashtag generator, you could also end up on users’ explore feed. This feed is powered by Instagram’s algorithm. The algorithm is set up to show users content they’re most likely to interact with. These impressions are worth a lot! By using the right hashtags, you can get your posts in front of an audience that’s ready to engage with your brand!

Hashtags Increase Impressions
2. Hashtags Improve Engagement

Simply put: posts with hashtags get more engagement than posts without hashtags. It’s a fact! With the right hashtags, you’ll see more traffic, more likes, and more followers.

Users love to see hashtags and use hashtags themselves. With Kicksta’s Free Instagram Hashtag Generator, you can find hashtags that are going to boost engagement among your followers.

Do your users like it when your brand is witty or funny? Use the “random” search on the hashtag generator to get hashtags that might be unexpected. If your followers like to see more straightforward hashtags, use the “best match” selection on the hashtag generator.

Users are likely to engage with hashtags that move them emotionally and stick with them. Puns or a play on words can be really successful. Be sure to keep your hashtags short and sweet. Don’t be afraid to use a CTA as a hashtag either.

Hashtags Increase Impressions
3. Hashtags Strengthen Your Brand Image

No matter the size of your business or what industry you’re in, using branded hashtags can boost your success on Instagram.

One way this happens is through the search function on Instagram. Users can type in hashtags just like they’d type in search terms on Google. If you use hashtags to your advantage, your posts will pop up for people who are looking for exactly your type of content. They’ll click through, come to your post, and see what your brand is all about.

There are a few ways to use branded hashtags. You can stick to simply using your company name or slogan. Or, you can use a branded hashtag to promote a specific product or event. You can even use a branded hashtag to encourage followers to post their own Instagram content.

You can post your branded hashtags on your Instagram bio or partner with influencers who use your branded hashtags to get even more visibility.

All of these strategies help you build a community on Instagram. Your fans and your followers will want to browse through your content, get inspired, and see which users have posted with your hashtags, too.

Hashtags Increase Impressions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Instagram hashtags work?
<p class="mb-4">Hashtags help you increase your reach on Instagram by categorizing content to make it more discoverable for potential followers. Users can search Instagram for the hashtag they’d like to see and all of the posts with that hashtag will show up. <br><br> For example, if you searched the hashtag generator and found #instahome, you could use that hashtag on your photo, and you would appear on the explore page for that hashtag. <br><br> Users can also follow hashtags just like they would an Instagram account, so if you pick popular Instagram hashtags, you can appear in the newsfeed of all the users that follow those hashtags. <br><br> Learn more about <a href="https://blog.kicksta.co/how-to-use-hashtags-on-instagram/" target="_blank">how to use hashtags on Instagram</a> and expedite growth. </p>
How do I pick the best hashtags for Instagram growth?
<p class="mb-4">To find the best hashtags for your Instagram, look at what’s trending, what makes sense for your industry, and what will resonate most with your audience. Use a hashtag generator to find hashtags that have the best following and those that best match your brand.</p><p class="mb-4">The best Instagram hashtags will lead to a high engagement rate and a larger following on your Instagram account. This will give you increased credibility amongst your social circle. High engagement and follower numbers also show that you post high-quality content that resonates with your followers.</p><p class="mb-4">As an influencer, a high engagement rate indicates that you have a strong niche following that you can positively impact, which can help you land more paid partnerships.</p><p class="mb-4">Brands with high engagement rates typically benefit from more loyal customers and higher sales.</p>
How to pick hashtags for your brand?
<p class="mb-4">The best hashtags for Instagram are ones that are specific to your brand, industry, and/or the content being posted. They’re short and memorable.</p> <p class="mb-4">You want to think of keywords <a href="/">real Instagram followers</a> would search since they are the one who will be looking for your content.</p> <p class="mb-4">It can be difficult to get in the head of your followers, so use a hashtag generator to help. On Kicksta’s Free Instagram Hashtag Generator, search on “best match” and be sure to check out the “related hashtags” in your results.</p> <p class="mb-4">Click here for more tips on <a href="https://blog.kicksta.co/guide-to-finding-the-best-hashtags-for-instagram/" target="_blank">how to pick hashtags for your brand.</p>
How many hashtags should I use on Instagram posts?
<p class="mb-4">Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, so we say use them all (or close to it). Remember that hashtags are the number one way to get more real followers on Instagram—don’t waste this prime real estate!</p> <p class="mb-4">If you can’t think of 30 different hashtags, check out Kicksta’s Free Instagram Hashtag Generator. It will give you great suggestions and get your creative juices flowing so you can think of hashtags your followers will love, too.</p> <p class="mb-4">Learn other tips to <a href="/how-to-get-real-followers-for-instagram" target="_blank">get more Instagram followers here</a>!</p>
How can I boost my Instagram engagement?
<p class="mb-4">Instagram hashtags expose your posts to potential followers for your page.</p> <p class="mb-4">Popular hashtags can get you more likes and comments for your Instagram since it means more users will see your post on their explore page. You can easily hop onto trending hashtags you find on Kicksta’s hashtag generator and that’ll mean your content gets more visibility.</p> <p class="mb-4">Having a high engagement rate on Instagram is crucial because it’s a direct reflection of your social credibility and quality of your account.</p> <p class="mb-4">Here’s a complete guide on <a href="https://blog.kicksta.co/increase-instagram-engagement-rate/" target="_blank">how to increase your Instagram engagement rate</a>.</p>
How do hashtags work with the new Instagram algorithm?
<p class="mb-4">The new Instagram algorithm has changed the way your posts are displayed to both your followers and non-followers. </p> <p class="mb-4">One of the main components Instagram considers when displaying your posts is the user’s level of interest in your content. If Instagram thinks users will like your post, they’ll show it to them!</p> <p class="mb-4">Hashtags are a huge factor here! They tell the algorithm and your followers a little bit about what’s in your post. By using the right hashtags, you can signal that your post is the right type of content for your audience. </p> <p class="mb-4">If you use popular Instagram hashtags that users often interact with, your posts are much more likely to appear in your follower’s news feed. Plus, your posts will be viewable on the explore page for new potential followers to see.</p> <p class="mb-4">Finding the most successful hashtags for your brand is easy using Kicksta’s hashtag generator. Learn more about how the Instagram algorithm works and what other factors determine how your posts are shown <a href="https://blog.kicksta.co/marketing-on-instagram-after-the-latest-algorithm-change/" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Will hashtags get me shadow banned from Instagram?
<p class="mb-4">Instagram has publicly stated that the Instagram shadow ban is <strong>not</strong> real.You will not go to Instagram jail for using broken or banned hashtags. But, it’s not a good strategy, either. </p> <p class="mb-4">You should definitely be using hashtags on your post to increase your Instagram followers and engagement rate. To do this, you’ll want to make sure your hashtag strategy is well-planned.</p> <p class="mb-4">Don’t use broken hashtags because your content won’t be categorized and you’ll decrease your visibility. Don’t use banned hashtags either. They’re usually spammy and so popular that your content will get lost amongst the other posts. Instead, look to Kicksta’s Hashtag Generator to find the top hashtags and the hashtags that best match your brand.</p> <p class="mb-4">Learn more about <a href="https://blog.kicksta.co/the-myth-of-the-instagram-shadowban/" target="_blank">the Instagram shadowban myth</a> and how you can increase your Instagram engagement.</p>

Using Hashtags To Grow Your Followers

By using the right hashtags, you’ll increase your brand’s visibility on Instagram and expose your content to a whole new audience of followers. You’ll get into users’ home feed and their explore feed. People will see your content, follow your brand, and become potential customers!

Growing your Instagram following is one of the most important goals of being on the platform. When people follow your Instagram, they see your posts and your brand is top-of-mind. They’re likely to engage with your content and use your hashtags when they post content of their own.

Followers create more followers, and any of those followers can turn into customers and brand advocates.

Using hashtags is a smart way to grow your Instagram following. Using Kicksta is an even smarter way to do it! It’s natural, organic growth that gives you real followers coming directly from your ideal audience. In just three steps, your Instagram can get a boost that’s 100% safe and successful.

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